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Jon-fruit dooel is an export-oriented company founded by Mr. Jonce Angelov as a person with many years of experience in exporting fruits and vegetables.

The largest markets of our company are the EU countries as well as the Balkan countries. The total export is about 5,000 tons per year of products that are present in our country.

Due to the location with 280 sunny days a year, our fruits are delicious, juicy and considered very high quality.

Our products are selected completely and directly by the farmers – subcontractors with our company and are carefully checked at every stage, because we aim to ensure the best possible quality.

We mainly export plum, apple, cherry, sour cherry, grape, strawberry, peach, apricot, watermelon, cabbage, pepper – paprika, tomato, potato, onion, garlic, but we can also purchase additional products upon request.


  1. Guten Morgen
    Wir sind ein Obst und Gemüse Großhändler auf dem Großmarkt in Karlsruhe Deutschland
    Wir suchen einen zuverlässigen Großhändler für Obst und Gemüse
    Haben Sie Interesse???

    1. Hallo Herr Calogero Salerno

      Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an einer Zusammenarbeit mit unserem Unternehmen. Bitte senden Sie mir Ihre E-Mail, um Ihnen unsere Möglichkeit mitzuteilen

      Mit freundlichen Grüße

      Jonce Angelov

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